Our fighting school is open to children, adolescents and adults from the age of ten. Participation is basically voluntary - everyone decides for himself when, how often and for how long he trains. Particularly committed students can also join the combat group and then perform at various events.

In our school you first of all learn the fight with the lightsaber. However, we don't really fight against each other, but rather with each other: fights are choreographed, so that they look as fluid as possible, but also dangerous and real. We fight with different types of weapons from the Star Wars universe and with a variety of different styles. Everyone can contribute and develop their own personal style.

Those styles are based not only on Star Wars but also on various martial arts. To make the Star Wars experience perfect, you can also learn to make your own costumes and Make-Up.

A lightsaber fight does not only consist of pure sword blows: we also practice unarmed combat and stunts. As with all martial arts, an extensive falling school as well as strength and endurance training is important.

Of course, fun is our main focus, which is why we also make excursions to other areas, such as dancing or parkour.

You can join us completely free of charge by simply visiting us during a training session.
For questions or further information: just contact us!



Loiblinger Straße 14
93413 Cham
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